Today was a busy Saturday with our whole family, including Grandpa and Grandma Farnell, piling into two mini vans and heading to David’s farm to celebrate three birthdays. We were gone all day, and when we returned a surprise was waiting for us.

We got out of the van, went in the house, and began our normal Saturday night routine. Dad was outside working in the garden, and after a few minutes he opened the door and said "You have a baby out here!" It didn’t take long to realize it must be a baby llama. The goat wasn’t expecting, the dog wasn?t either, and if it was a cat there would have been more than one baby (kittens).

We went outside, and sure enough there was a baby llama with Sugar Bear (the mother) standing close by. It was born while we were away, and was already walking around easily. The baby is solid black except for a small white stripe under its chin. What a fun way to end a busy day.

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