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Charlie Farnell's Bio

Last updated October, 2005.

Charlie FarnellCharlie Farnell, was born and raised in California. After earning his BA degree and teaching credential (k-12 all subjects) from Fresno State College, he moved to Washington to escape the crowds and hot weather.

Charlie has enjoyed living and working in Woodland for 31 years as a teacher at Woodland High School. He has enjoyed teaching woodshop, traffic safety, computer technology, drafting, English, and any other subject the school has needed him to teach. He appreciates working with students and helping them to enjoy learning.

Charlie has a keen interest in technology and high tech jobs, and in 1995 he obtained a MA degree in Computer Technology from City University. Since then, he has taught CNC (computer numerical control), web site design, video editing, and other computer related skills. In 2001, he had four students place in the Nature Greets Technology web site contest sponsored by the Washington DNR and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Known as the handyman to many people, Charlie never runs out of things to keep him busy. He has learned numerous skills over the years and is always involved in several projects. He enjoys challenges and has completed several impressive projects, including, most recently, a spiral staircase and a handmade violin. In college, he earned an AA degree in mechanical technology and now enjoys restoring antique cars and maintaining his new "computer cars."

Charlie also enjoys spending time with his family. He and his wife Peggy have been married for 39 years and have five children and eight grandchildren. Charlie, Peggy, and their three youngest children live in Woodland.


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