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Safety & Prevention - Electrical Fire Safety

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Electrical fires are different than regular fires. They can't be put out the same way and they are not caused by the same things. They can't be put out with water. They do not start from a cigiratte landing on some papers.

There are several ways that electric fires start. To prevent electrical fires, check your electric cords throughout your house and make sure that the rubber insulation that is around the electric wires which are inside the cord is not beat up. Your cords need to be in nice condition or they could cause an electric fire. If you find a cord in your home that is beat up or worn out, you need to get it replaced as soon as possible.

You probably never heard of a TV fire, so you are probably thinking, "There is no such thing," but really there is such a thing and I am going to try to teach you how to prevent it from happening in your home. You should never set anything such as flowers, cards, or any other kind of decoration on your TV. There needs to be room for the air to circulate around your TV. As the TV works, it gets hot and the heat around it needs room to circulate. Putting your TV in a cupboard or shelf is not a good idea unless there is plenty of room for the air to circulate around the TV. If you are away on vacation, or if there is a storm, unplug the electrical cords and antenna of your TV as well as those of your radio and other audio-visual appliances. Be sure that the plugs are unencumbered and easily accessible. If your TV explodes, unplug it quickly. Then, if there are any flames, put them out with your fire extinguisher. You shouldn't have your TV near curtains or other fabric because if the TV explodes, it could catch the curtains on fire, too. The fire could become very big in a matter of seconds. Make sure that your TV is fire safe and if you notice that your friend's family TV is not fire safe, teach them what you have learned and help them make their TV fire safe as well.

If you do happen to have an electrical fire or a TV fire, you need to know how to put it out. NEVER PUT WATER ON AN ELECTRIC FIRE! That is very dangerous because the electricity from the fire can shoot through the water and shock you possibly to death! To put an electrical fire out, you want to unplug whatever it is that is on fire. That will eliminate the electricity that is causing the fire. If you cannot unplug what is burning there is a special type of fire extinguisher that you can use. The most important thing to remember is that you must never put water on an electric fire.

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Never try to put an electric fire out with water!

Washington state is half covered with forest.

When more people come more fires come.

Washington states population has gone up 30% since 1970.

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