2005-12-wreath.jpgThe other day I got a funny looking envelope in the mail.  It looked kind of like junk mail, but I opened it. It was a weird looking check for……$149.36! Hmm, I don’t have any clients that owe me that. I looked a little closer and saw the check was from Google, Inc. Ah, so that’s what it is!

Have you noticed the ads on the sidebar and other areas of farnellfamily.com? Those are targeted ads provided by the Google Adsense program. I’ve had these ads on the site since January 2005, and this was my first check! I had been expecting a payment from Google, but I thought they had to send me a PIN number before they would actually send the check. Apparently PIN numbers are only given to members who joined at a later time than I did, so I didn’t need one. Thus, this check was kind of unexpected. How’s that for a surprise Christmas present?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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