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Ministry Web Sites

Carolyn Ford’s Web Site (Bible Translation) – “In my early teens,” Carolyn relates, “I asked God to give me a job worth spending the time and energy it would require. He answered beyond my wildest dreams. What a privilege to study the language of a people group for whom God has put His own love in my heart, and in the process learn their culture, build deep relationships, and grow in my own understanding of truth. What a privilege to help bring God’s Word to people who have never had it in their heart language”….Click here to read more and visit Carolyn’s Web Site.

Prize Winning Web Sites

The “Nature Greets Technology” web site contest is sponsored by the Washington DNR, OSPI, and others. It is open to web site entries created by high-school students of Washington state. The following web sites were entered in this contest and won various awards.

Fire Prevention (Suzanne’s 1st Place, 2002) – Suzanne won a Compaq computer with this site! This web site has been designed to teach you the importance of knowing and practicing fire safety and prevention. Safety and Prevention should be your top priority. Included on this site are games, puzzles, pictures, and lots of information.

Water Conservation (Christina’s 2nd Place, 2002) – Christina won a brand new Kona mountain bike with this site! This web site was designed to be a learning resource for the people of Washington state. Water conservation is very important in our state and throughout the world. On this web site you will find pages with information about the many ways that we use water and why we should conserve water. There are also pages about how we as citizens can help conserve water in Washington state, as well as links to other web sites that provide information about related topics. There are games, including puzzles and a quiz about what you learn on this site. It is important that we all help conserve water so as to help preserve the environment for future generations.

Preventing Forest Fires (Suzanne’s 3rd Place, 2001) – Suzanne won a digital camera with this entry. This site is also about preventing fires.

Our Changing State (Christina’s 5th Place, 2001) – Christina won a JanSport backpack with this entry. This web site has been designed to educate people about Washington’s natural resources (Water, Trees, etc.). It tells what some of Washington State’s natural resources are, how we use them, and how we can protect and preserve them.

The Importance of Wild Salmon (Matthew’s 1st Place, 2000) – Matthew won a Gateway computer with this entry. Wild pacific salmon are very important to people, animals, and forests. Some people make their living fishing for salmon while many animals – such as bears, eagles, and orca whales – depend on salmon for much of their food. Bones or flesh of salmon which are left in the forest by animals provide nutrients to the land, which help make everything grow. Throughout this site you will learn about the life cycle of the wild salmon, the modern challenges they face, and how you can help save them from becoming extinct. If we all do a little bit to help, it will add up to a lot; and then there will be plenty of salmon for all the people, animals, and forests.

Fire Prevention (Suzanne’s 2nd Place, 2000) – Suzanne won a mountain bike with this web site. It’s her first web site about fire prevention – geared toward young kids. Be sure to check out the hilarious animation on the Fire Safety page!