2006-02-mitchell.jpgMatt and I had a great day hike up Mitchell Mountain today. The day was crisp and clear, the views were awesome, but the wind was a bit chilly on top. Matt had a thermometer and it showed the temperature at 15 degrees on top at about 10:30 a.m. We guessed the winds to be gusting up to about 50 mph. We had planned on snowshoeing, but the snow was frozen so hard that we were able to hike the whole way without ever using our snowshoes. There were lots of great photos to be had on top, but fingers started freezing within moments of taking the gloves off due to high wind and cold temps. It was a great trip! Sorry there aren’t many words in this report – I managed to throw together 18,000 words over here: http://www.farnellfamily.com/pictures/Climbing/2006-02_Mt_Mitchell

Update, 2/25/06: Mt. Mitchell used to have a fire lookout on the peak. Pictures of the lookout are available here: http://www.firelookout.com/wa/mitchell.html

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