2006-03-verity2.jpgI’m writing this on my laptop while flying home from Michigan and my week long stay at Verity. I had a great time this past week. I found out Dr. Castelino actually has a PhD in Computer Engineering which is why he has such a good background in math. He was able to help me with quite a few different math problems. He also had a book of practice tests that I was unable to get a copy of due to the fact that it is out of print, so that was nice to be able to practice with. I took a practice math test on Thursday, and got a score just high enough I would have passed if it had been the real thing, so things are looking hopeful!

However, my favorite part of the week wasn’t the long hours of studying! ;-) The best part was meeting fellow students who are pursuing degrees in the same way I am, and visiting and doing different things with them. I got to help make about 30 pizzas last Sunday afternoon for everyone, as they give the regular cook Sundays off. That was fun. They have big walk-in refrigerators and a huge kitchen. We also played volleyball three different evenings in the ball room (basically a banquet room as the campus is actually a hotel). They had chapel every morning with singing and a short message. On Tuesday evening they had "Symposium" where everyone has to dress up (men with suit coats and ties) and several of the students gave speeches. Some of the speeches were prepared, and others impromptu (the students were given a topic about two minutes before they had to speak).

The meals were great, but the only lettuce served was iceberg so I missed real lettuce. During the week we had enchiladas, turkey and mashed potatoes, hamburgers, raw veggies, jello, tortilla wraps, muffins, cereal, bagels, yogurt, juice, pizza, chicken strips, cole slaw, green salad, French fries, fresh fruit (bananas, apples, oranges), cake, and more.

A lot of people at Verity say "hey" instead of "hi," which is interesting. I guess a lot of people back home do too, but I really noticed it this week. So now you’ll know why if you here me doing it from now on.

I missed being home, but at the same time it was a great experience. It would be really fun to go there and earn a degree onsite, but I’m happy being a DE (distance education) student. This program has worked out really well for me and I’m thankful the Lord provided the opportunity.

I’m looking forward to being home again. Actually, I can’t wait until this test is over so I can go on to other things! If I can pass this Math GRE test on April 1st, I’ll only have one or two more electives and I’ll be done with my bachelor’s degree. I’m hoping to be done by summer….

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