Barn near Redmond, ORHey, have you heard of Flickr? It is a really cool online photo storage and sharing service. I’ve started using it quite a bit as it is even easier and faster for me to post photos on Flickr than on our family’s web site.

They offer a free account where you can upload up to 20MB of photos per month, and an almost unlimited account for $25 per year. They also provide an upload tool that will automatically resize your photos before upload, so the free 20MB goes a long way! After you download and install their upload program, all you do is right click on your photo and choose “Send to flickr” from the drop down menu to post it in your Flickr photo stream. This is what makes it so fast and easy.

You can also make “photo sets” to group similar photos, and you can join “groups” where many Flickr members share photos among others with common interests. You can order prints of your photos and either have them shipped to your home or you can pick them up at Target.

Friends can subscribe to each other’s photostreams so they can always see their friends’ latest photos. Titles, captions, and comments are easily added to any picture. RSS feeds and JavaScript codes make adding Flickr pictures to a web site quite easy. This is how I have the photos on the home page of set up.

It really is a great service with lots of custom options including options to make photos private, allow certain people to order prints, etc. If you have a digital camera, I would encourage you to give Flickr a try! If you do, let me know your username so I can add you as a contact to my account. See my Flickr photostream here:

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