JonathanWell, the Educational Testing Service estimated they would be sending out GRE Subject test scores on May 5th. A few more days and I’ll find out whether or not I passed the Math GRE last month!
Thank you all for your prayers for me as I prepared for and took that test. The test day went well for me, but to tell you the truth, I’m really not confident that I passed. I guess my past failed attempts at this test make me a little cautious. Plus, my score depends on my percentile score (related to all other test takers) rather than how many correct answers I get. I’m trying not to worry about it. If I pass, great…..if not, then I’ll have to look into other options.
In the meantime I’ve finished up a couple electives through CLEP tests. Two weeks ago I took Principles of Accounting and last week I took Introductory Sociology. I passed them both, praise the Lord! I like CLEP tests so much more than that GRE Math test! It’s so nice to have an instant score report and see whether I passed or not.
Guess what? By my calculations, if I pass the Math GRE I’ll have completed all the classes/tests for my Bachelor’s degree! Yea! Thank you Lord.
Besides school, I’ve been filling my time with web site work, gardening, piano, and lots of photography. Last Saturday we celebrated three birthdays – Michelle’s, Elizabeth’s, and Brooklyn’s. I’ve included my favorite picture from that day with this posting (that’s my nephew Jonathan). For more pictures of the party, click here.
I’ll let you know when I get my score report on the Math GRE. Oh, by the way and in case you were wondering: Flickr didn’t pay me post that last article. I just think Flickr is great and wanted to recommend the service to my friends and family. God bless.

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