I’m sure you all have heard that Mt. St. Helens started acting up last week. Lots of earthquakes led up to a steam and ash eruption last Friday around noon. When we heard it was erupting, Suzanne and I headed for Davis Peak to take pictures. By the time we got there, it was over and all we could see was a faint hint of ash South-East of the volcano. We took some pictures anyway, and they are posted here: /pictures/Misc/2004_Mt_St_Helens_Eruption/10-04-04_Steam_Eruption

Even after this eruption, scientists still expected the volcano to give us a bigger display soon. So, I kept my camera, video camera, extra batteries, etc. by the front door ready to take pictures at a moment’s notice.

The volcano had a couple more small steam eruptions that I missed, but this morning I heard it was erupting again. Christina, Suzanne, and I all headed for Davis Peak to try to get some good pictures. We made it to the viewpoint just as the mountain was finishing it’s display, and the plume was being blown towards Mt. Adams and Trout Lake. I took lots of pictures, but I had really hoped to get some of the plume when it was straight up above the mountain. Oh well, maybe next time….they are still expecting a bigger display soon. I just hope it doesn’t erupt during the night when I can’t take pictures. To see pictures of this eruption, go here: /pictures/Misc/2004_Mt_St_Helens_Eruption/10-04-04_Steam_Eruption

This is pretty exciting, even though these are small eruptions compared to 1980. Nobody can predict this mountain with 100% accuracy, so who knows, we may get an eruption as big or bigger than 1980 in the near future. Hopefully not, or at least hopefully it won’t be as dangerous and deadly as it was in 1980. They are closing lots of hiking and recreation areas around the mountain, so that should help keep people safe.

I’m still keeping my cameras ready, so let me know if you hear it is erupting again! Thanks.

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