June 6, Reprinted from World Net Daily:

Despite WND’s repeated attempts, the Secret Service did not respond to a request for comment on agents’ seizure of a Christian ministry’s gospel tracts designed as "million-dollar bills."

As WorldNetDaily reported, the controversy began Friday when the agents visited the Great News Network in Denton, Texas, and threatened to arrest staffer Tim Crawford for hiding evidence in a counterfeiting investigation. The agents took 8,300 tracts and left their business cards and a receipt.

The Christian group argues, however, that "million-dollar" bills can’t be counterfeited because they don’t exist, and the tracts – which include a "not legal tender" disclaimer on the front – present the Christian salvation message on the opposite side.

The gospel tracts are produced by evangelist Ray Comfort, who told WND yesterday his Living Waters Ministry in Southern California has no plans to stop selling them….read more.

June 6, Check out the TV News Item on this page.

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Reprinted from The Great News Network:

Official Statement: The Million Dollar Question – Is it real or is it counterfeit? As you may have heard, Friday afternoon, 3 US Secret Service (USSS) Agents crashed in our Christian ministry Friday around 1Pm to seize all our million dollar bill gospel tracts. I know it sounds odd, weird and difficult to believe but trust me, this is no joke and they were deadly serious. According to the Secret Service, the Million Dollar gospel tract produced by Ray Comfort (www.livingwaters.com) and distributed by The Great News Network and thousands of other Christians all around the World is counterfeit….read more.

June 7, this story has been picked up by the Associated Press and news agencies across the country. Please keep these ministries in prayer.

June 22, Wheelchair-bound man claims Secret Service said, ‘You’re passing out counterfeit money’

June 23, Judge: Secret Service can seize tracts

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  1. […] Even the Secret Service – the agency with the responsibility for protecting the President – has its idiots. They have proved it by confiscating gospel tracts that anyone with an IQ over 60 could recognize as phony money. […]

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